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Our Green Commitment

Alongside van Zelm’s commitment to design energy conserving technologies for our clients, we are working internally to reduce the environmental impact of all of our daily operations. To maximize the energy efficiency of our offices, we purposely designed our lighting systems to incorporate high-efficiency equipment, occupancy sensors, and afford the ability to take advantage of daylight.

Our procurement policies encourage the purchase of high-efficiency office equipment and furnishings. We provide recycling facilities in our offices for paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic, and have installed video conferencing facilities to minimize business travel.

Lighting and Electrical

  • All office lighting is connected to motion sensors.
  • High efficiency fluorescent and L.E.D. lighting is used throughout the office.
  • CRT monitors have been replaced with LCD displays.
  • Staff members are encouraged to shut off their PCs overnight.

Waste Management

  • Ceramic coffee mugs are encouraged; there’s no styrofoam to be found here!
  • Cans, bottles and polyethylene milk containers are recycled.
  • Waste paper and corrugated cardboard are recycled.
  • Plotter and copier paper usage is minimized.

Support for Offsite Conservation Measures

  • van Zelm subsidizes the purchase of Clean Power by its employees.
  • Information on carpooling and cycling to work are available on the firm’s intranet.
  • Employees are encouraged to rent fuel-efficient cars for long business trips.
  • Video and teleconferencing are employed to minimize business travel.


  • Restrooms are equipped with waterless urinals and dual-flush toilets.


Over the past three years
van Zelm has helped
its clients save . . .

  • 8,000,000 trees
  • 35,500,000 gallons of water
  • 56,600 MMbtus of energy

~ and prevented ~

  • 312,000 tons of CO2 emissions
  • 15 MW of Peak Electrical Demand