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Energy Services

van Zelm Engineers integrates Energy Efficiency into each step of the design process. Our dedicated Energy Services group provides input at every stage of the design process to help our clients minimize their energy consumption. This contributes significantly towards reducing the life time energy costs of operating a facility. This in turn reduces the facility’s carbon emissions and its carbon footprint; thus preserving the environment for future generations while providing a healthy environment for the current occupants.

Our Energy Services Include:

  • Sustainable Design Consultation
  • Strategic Campus Energy Master Planning
  • Developing Strategic Energy Purchase Agreements
  • Facility Energy Audits
  • Comprehensive Energy Modeling
  • Renewable Energy Systems Analysis and Design
  • Advanced Energy Conservation Technologies Analysis and Design
  • Carbon Footprint Estimation
  • Climate Action Plan Development
  • Cogeneration and Tri-generation Anaysis and Design
  • Utility Rate Analysis and Customized Rate Negotiation with Regional Utilities
  • Utility Incentive Applications
  • Demand Side Management Analysis and Applications
  • Energy Code Compliance Analysis and Design Development
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Database Development for Mechanical Equipment Inventories
  • ENERGY STAR® Certifications

van Zelm Engineers has long had a reputation for providing the highest level of energy efficiency in our designs. With a client base that will own and bear the operating cost of facilities over their full life, van Zelm implements a philosophy of designing systems to provide the lowest life cycle cost. Execution of this philosophy has provided for a wealth of experience in the implementation of energy conserving technologies for both new and existing buildings.
Our firm is uniquely qualified to evaluate the practical application of energy-conserving technology on both the supply and demand sides of the campus energy equation. van Zelm Engineers’ Energy Services Group is committed to helping our clients adjust and adapt to evolving environmental circumstances to create a more economically viable and sustainable future. In addition to our Energy Services Group, we have a dedicated Power and Utility Group that specializes in central campus energy systems

Success Stories:

  • van Zelm Engineers helped secure over $475,000 in utility incentives for a large software developer in Massachusetts.
  • A large manufacturing facility in Connecticut received $110,000 in financial incentives for energy efficient facility renovations.
  • A large university in central Connecticut received $33,000 in utility financial incentives by enlisting the help of van Zelm Energy Services
  • van Zelm Engineers has successfully certified several facilities with ENERGY STAR and LEED.

For futher information contact Tanay Bapat at or 860-284-5064 ext. 333.